This video was produced by the New York Times less than two months ago:

  • Paul Nunes

    If HUS were caused by cancer, government and academia would be pouring millions into finding a cure. Industry would be sponsoring glamoroius fundraisers to fight the disease. There would be bumperstickers, ribbons, colored braclets and 10k races to raise awareness. We’d have a phone-a-thon to stamp out the scourge of HUS in our time.
    But e.Coli is not cancer. And the “cure” for HUS is not beyond our scientific understanding. We know the cause and effect, and how to prevent it. It’s all within our grasp.
    How many Stephanies have to suffer before industry and government do something?
    How can they sleep at night, indeed.
    Go get ’em, Bill.

  • tom

    It was a tragic story and we should pay more attention to those kinds of industry towards the food safety. We should not focus on the Name stephanie smith. She is a lucky person since she survived from the contamination and she is the unlucky person even because she ate the beef produced with the risk of food safety.