I must admit having the video of a former employee saying that she worked at McDonald’s while infectious with Hepatitis A, and that she told her manager that she had Hepatitis A after the employee was released from the hospital, is priceless.  However, having the inspection reports from the Rock Island County Health Department for 2008-2009 is even better.  Click on the below to download and read the reports.  Most interesting is the store manager’s March 14, 2009 letter outlining what the restaurant would and would not do:

  • Marymary

    The reports were difficult to read, due to the handwriting being hard to make out. I couldn’t read all of them. Still, even with the handwriting being hard to read, it appears that this McDonald’s was poorly run, especially when it came to employee health and hygiene. In my state there is to be no bare-hand contact with ready-to-eat foods. Of course, that rule presents its own problems with improper glove use, but saying that gloves should be worn only by employees who have fake finger nails, nail polish, cuts on hands, etc., apparently does not work, either.