Another news article on my two most recent Chi-Chi’s lawsuits, on behalf of Bennie Martino and Angelo Palitti.

Chris Osher of the Tribune-Review reports:

The lawsuits, both filed by Seattle lawyer William Marler, allege that the method Chi-Chi’s used to store green onions, which health officials have identified as the likely culprits, essentially created “hepatitis soup.”

“It was definitely the last thing I needed to go through at that point,” Martino said. “It was just crazy. Now, I get creditors calling me and sending me letters. I tell them it’s in litigation. That’s all I can do right now.”

He said his adopted 6-year-old son helped him pull through.

“He’d come to the hospital every day and see me laid up like that,” Martino said. “The most important thing in my life is my boy and being here for him.”