Arrived in Beijing Sunday night in a heavy rain storm.  Did, however, have time to drag a few friends to a Houtong-located night spot – Cafe Sambal.  I had the curry – and beers.  The food was superb, but we were forced to huddle inside as the plastic roof did not hold up to the rain.  For those who know me, and the friends I took, let me say the place was a bit "rustic."

It is big news this morning (its actually the 22nd) – not that I am in China – but that melamine-tainted food for children is becoming a bigger and bigger problem for children around the world and the Chinese Government.  Now, Singapore has found traces of the toxic chemical (best know for poisoning US pets last year) in Chinese-made dairy product as a scandal over tainted milk spreads across Asia and Africa.  Samples of White Rabbit-brand Creamy Candy imported from China are also contaminated with melamine.

Authorities in Hong Kong and at least three African countries on Friday suspended the sale and import of all Chinese milk and dairy products.  The ban includes milk, ice cream, yogurt, chocolate, biscuits and candy, as well as any other products containing milk from China as an ingredient.

So far four babies in China have died and 6,300 sickened with 1,500 hospitalized and nearly 200 with acute kidney failure.

I may need to change my PowerPoint a bit for my upcoming speech (I have been warned by the Government to play nice already).  With the recall spreading throughout Asia and Africa, what will the US do?  That’s right, the FDA only inspects less that 1% of our imports.  Even though I have not yet been able to export lawsuits to China – yet (although, its product liability laws have potential), I bet I will have plenty of work upon my return to the US.  I’m off to the Forbidden City.