I was visting my clients, Linda and Richard Rivera, in San Francisco today where Linda is in her 15th month of hospitalization from an E. coli O157:H7 infection.  She has become, in my mind at least, the reason that S. 510 must pass and the President must sign sweeping food safety legislation now.  

We talked for hours about their hopes and fears for themselves and their children, and how they wanted to give back to the High School where Linda worked and their kids went to school.  I offered to help.  

We will be setting up a Linda Rivera/Marler Clark Scholarship to be split between the wrestling program, the special education program and a scholarship for students interested in science – E. coli preferable.

I did get a bracelet out of it (GWTOY – means – “Guess who’s thinking of you?”)


  • Richard Rivera

    Linda and I can not thank you and your entire staff enough not just what you are doing for our family, but with this amazing display of kindness for the High School and programs that are so near and dear to our hearts at Green Valley High School.On behalf of our entire family and the Green Valley High School Family THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! GWTOY!

  • Tony

    Thank you green valley for everything you have done for my mom and my family. And especially thank you wrestling coaches for all your dedication and belief I’m the wrestling program and me. You guys are amazing people. I love you mom gwtoy keep fighting:) xo

  • Larry Andrew

    That is a wonderful gesture, Bill. We feel so fortunate to have had you and your firm as an advocate during our difficult journey dealing with peanut butter poisoning. This is more proof that you are not just an “ambulance chaser” but that you really care about those innocents injured by food contamination.

  • Julie Berta

    Thank you for this meaningful gesture on behalf of Linda Rivera and her family! Very Impressive! As a Green Valley parent, I know how much these programs mean to this family. And thank you, Marler Clark, for your continued advocacy on behalf of Linda in her struggle to regain her health. Linda, keep fighting! We love you! GWTOY!!