Lynne Terry of the Portland Oregonian, shows once again why a free press is so important to our safety – for gawds sake, the government and industry do not seem capable of doing the job – like announcing a f&%*ing recall.

I mean Townsend Farm’s Organic Antioxidant Blend is frozen and stored in people’s freezer.

From the nearly 50 people that I spoke to today, only ½ have received a phone call or email from the store (hmm, Costco, Harris Teeter) where there purchase was made.

According to Lynne – not Townsend Farms, nor the FDA, nor Costco, nor Harris Teeter – Townsend Farms ordered a recall on Monday of a frozen berry product linked to a hepatitis A outbreak.  Townsend Farms sold 332,000 packages of its Organic Antioxidant Blend through Costco stores nationwide. It also shipped to an East Coast chain, Harris Teeter, which sold the product under its own label.  Costco sold the potentially contaminated berries from February through May in 3 lb. bags. They have sequential best-by codes from T012415 through T053115. Distribution in Harris Teeter stores was limited to April 19 to May 7. Harris Teeter Organic Antioxidant Berry Blend was sold in 10 oz. bags with best by codes of T041615E and T041615C.

Thanks Lynne for doing Townsend Farm’s, Costco’s, Harris Teeter’s and the FDA’s job of protecting consumers.

I got the above right picture with this note:  “I need to start reading Marler Blog more often…”