Many restaurants or manufacturers of food seldom, if ever, issue an apology when their food poisons a customer.  So, when the owner of Los Dos Amigos Family Mexican Restaurant issues a written apology to its patrons for the recent salmonella outbreak at the Jackson Street, Roseburg, business, you need to take notice.

Thirty people reportedly got sick from the outbreak.  Owner Gustavo Anaya and his son Manny Anaya delivered letters to media outlets in Douglas County on Friday.

“We send our sincerest apologies to the people and family members who were affected by the salmonella outbreak,” the letter stated.

Good for them.  My guess is that a business that apologizes is also a business that is interested in making sure something similar never happens again.

  • Saying “I’m sorry” is good business
    “By apologizing to patients when a medical error takes place, the organization has cut its malpractice insurance cash reserves by a whopping 81 percent–down to $13 million from more than $70 million. Now, instead of engaging in a courtroom battle, physicians and hospital leaders discuss errors promptly after they occur, engaging in a constructive conversation with patients that identifies and compensates errors and ultimately leads to improvements in patient care, he says.”
    (regarding a U of Michigan program; I am certain there are others)