The number of affected people continues to grow as more come forward to report shigella infections after eating at a Lombard Subway restaurant.

Dave Hass of the DuPage County Health Department said there are currently 116 confirmed shigella cases linked to the Subway restaurant as of today. Of those cases, 13 people were hospitalized and 12 were discharged.  Hass also said the source of the shigella is unknown at this time and might never be pinpointed. The restaurant, 1009 E. Roosevelt Road, has been closed since March 4.

Law firm Marler Clark now represents over 70 people affected by the outbreak.  Three lawsuits have been filed as of now.

Shigella infections are spread from person to person, and also can be acquired from contaminated food. The disease can be prevented by frequent hand washing with soap and water.

People who have developed these symptoms between Feb. 24 to March 1 after eating at the Lombard Subway restaurant are advised to contact their physicians and the DuPage County Health Department at (630) 682-7400. Information on shigellosis is available at

  • bimal thapa

    Dear Sir/ madam,
    I was in 401 8th ave subway to get a sandwich and i had my subway card in which i had a points to get a sandwich but they told me that i cant use my card there . They asked me where did i get the card from and they told me to go to the same place from where i got the card. They told me that we take only our regular customer and before they did not wanna give me a sandwich which i could pay by my card in which i had enough points to pay for that. So i told them that i go other place but they never say anything while i use my points to get a sandwich . This is not only my first time that they told me this it’s a second time that they told me this thing that u cannot use your points card to get a sandwich. finally i argue for a while and they told me that u cannot use the card next time.As we know that subway is a one of the well reputed franchise and these kinds of things will affect it’s reputation . I hope they should treat their costumers properly .
    Thank You.
    Bimal thapa