A picture is worth multiple, multiple, millions of words:

I spent the day today being feted at the University of Arkansas School of Law and meeting with Tysons and Wal-Wart.  Linda, her parents, her husband and six kids spent the day watching Linda being admitted into another ICU, again.  It is unlikely she will survive the weekend.

I won’t recount the horror that Linda and her family have experienced since May when she ate E. coli-tainted Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough.  I won’t try my case on my blog.

By the way, this is a picture of Linda before E. coli O157:H7:

  • jan wickham

    I adore Linda and her family. It is just amazing grace that God has allowed her to survive. She is on many prayer lists and I trust He will restore her to a life that is somewhat normal. I’ve seen her painful, miserable state and can testify to this terrible experience. However, sweet Linda has had a precious heart and cheerful attitude. She is so loved by so many people. Her faith and stable state of mind (when she is coherent) keeps her in a positive state that keeps her on the way to complete healing. Praise be to God! I love you Richard and the rest of the fam.

  • tony simpson

    I love you mom!!

  • shauna anderson

    I have found this so horrible. The post from Jan Wickam is Nov. 3rd. How is Linda doing. I am trying to find a recent update, but no info.
    Thanks in advance

  • Barbara Wallick

    I could not believe when I read this story about Linda. You see, my 21 year old daughter came down with the exact same thing in May 2009. We almost lost our daughter but thanks to John Hopkins she is alive today. Our hometown hospital missed the mark and did not take a culture. They diagnosed her with Colitis and sent her home on an antibiotic. Three days later she was in total kidney failure. Lauren had eaten nestle cookie dough about 5 or 6 days before she got ill. We felt horrible when we read about Linda. I even tried to call her husband while she was in the hospital because I wanted to let him know I knew exactly what he was going through. I stayed at John Hopkins for six weeks with my daughter and it was the hardest thing I ever had to endure so far in my lifetime thinking that my daughter might not pull through.

  • tony simpson

    Barbara Wallick, Hello my name is tony and i am linda’s son. i would like to get in contact with you and your family if that is okay with you. if you could add me on facebook and we can exchange phone numbers then. tony simpson henderson nevada