For the last few days I have been in Walker Minnesota (half way between Fargo and Duluth) defending the depositions of two families impacted by E. coli-tainted Nebraska Beef in 2006.  One client suffered acute kidney failure and was on dialysis for nearly three weeks.  The other client is a widower.  His wife died after a month in the hospital – all just from eating Nebraska Beef hamburger at a church supper.  Now this recent outbreak is piling up victims too.

According to press reports, An E. coli outbreak traced to recalled beef in Michigan and Ohio has spawned cases in three other states, U.S. health officials said Tuesday.  New York, Kentucky and Indiana each have one lab-confirmed case of a bacterial infection that matches the 41 previously reported cases, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  All 44 illnesses in the outbreak are attributed to the same type of E. coli, one that causes a potentially deadly bacterial infection. The illnesses began between May 30 and June 24. CDC officials say 21 of the victims have been hospitalized and one developed kidney failure, but no one has died.  The nearly 10 Georgia E. coli cases are still under investigation.

Also had a nice chat with the new "lawblogger."
As the New York Magazine said:

• If more Manhattan attorneys had cars, perhaps their license plates would be as clever as Seattle-based food-borne-illness lawyer Bill Marler’s plates, which say "E Coli." Heh. [Law Blog/WSJ]