In the wake of a 65-person (now 71) Campylobacter outbreak linked to unpasteurized (raw) milk produced by Scotland, Pennsylvania-based dairy, The Family Cow, food safety advocate and attorney William Marler is calling for warning labels to be placed on all raw milk products.

According to Food Safety News, The Family Cow is currently working to improve the safety of its raw milk by installing advanced testing equipment and updating procedures. And, although he recognizes the effort, Marler believes raw milk producers should help consumers become more knowledgeable of the potential dangers of raw milk.

“Unlike many others that have been in this position, The Family Cow has owned its mistakes and is clearly trying to create a safer product,” said Marler. “That said, when it comes down to it, dairies like this are selling a raw animal product which could carry an increased risk of foodborne illness.”

In Pennsylvania alone, there have been at least seven foodborne illness outbreaks linked to raw milk since 2006 according to the AP. Totals show that over that span at least 250 people were sickened after consuming raw milk products that were contaminated with either Campylobacter or Salmonella.

Marler says that proponents of raw milk advertise its potential health and medical benefits such as the prevention of asthma autism, cancer, and Crohn’s Disease. However, outbreaks such these give others cause to caution consumers of the risks associated with raw milk.

“Frankly, very few of the benefits associated with raw milk have been scientifically proven, but they do make for good marketing,” Added Marler. “In the best interest of consumers, I would like to see a warning label on raw milk products.”

Marler would like to see a label with language similar to the following:

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