The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has issued a nationwide recall for SoLo GI brand energy bars is in place because of possible E. coli contamination.

In a news release issued Saturday night, the agency said New Era Nutrition Inc., the company that produces the energy bars recalled the product sold nationally in stores and on the internet.

The products are:

– SoLo GI Lemon Lift 50 g (UPC 8 97024 00060 0)

– SoLo GI Lemon Lift 12 x 50 g (UPC 8 97024 00061 7)

– SoLo GI White Chocolate Cherry 50 g (UPC 8 97024 00109 6)

– SoLo GI White Chocolate Cherry 12 x 50 g (UPC 8 97024 00110 2)

– SoLo GI Pineapple Coconut 50 g (UPC 8 97024 00066 2)

– SoLo GI Pineapple Coconut 12 x 50 g (UPC 8 97024 00067 9)

What was interesting was this comment: “The agency said the recall was triggered by a recall in another country.”  The Agency does not make the link between this recall and the recent outbreak and recalls of the I.M. Healthy Soy Nut Butter in the U.S.  These SoLo bars do include soy.


Perhaps a mystery manufacturer of soy nut products is linked to both?