Senator Harry Reid, majority leader of Senate, reached out by letter to my clients, the Rivera’s, of Las Vegas. 

Linda Rivera is one of 80 sickened by E. coli O157:H7-tainted Nestle Toll House Cookie Dough.  She has struggled with her illness since May 1.  She has lost her large intestine, gall bladder, and has been on dialysis.  She is presently on life support.  Here is Reid’s letter:

Dear Rivera Family:

I want to express my personal thoughts and prayers to you as you struggle with Linda’s illness. I hope you will keep your faith strong and your hopes up that Linda will recover and find peace and comfort.

I want you to know that the seriousness of Linda’s illness highlights the need for action to improve our food safety laws and inspection systems. This fall, I plan to bring food safety legislation before the Senate so that we can strengthen our laws, better detect food borne pathogens, and better trace our food supply. As I work on this legislation it will be with the goal of ensuring that more families do not suffer as you do now.

Best wishes to you, Linda and your entire family.

It is great to have a leader like Senator Reid.