"People just don’t really understand how horrible food-borne illness is," said William Marler, a prominent Seattle-based food-safety lawyer who is representing the Rivera family and 23 other victims in the cookie dough outbreak. "They think food-borne illness is a tummy ache and diarrhea."

I was much younger when Martin Luther King gave his famous speech – “I have a dream.”  But, if I could borrow that phase, I too “have a dream.”  I dream that Tuesday morning the President and House and Senate members and their staff would read Lyndsey Layton’s story – “This Woman Might Die From Eating Cookie Dough – Severe Case Gives Context to Issue of Food Safety” and get to work – really get to work.  In fact, I bet Mr. Rivera would love a call of support from the folks in Washington who could help fix this mess.  Call me and I will set it up.