Bill (and team),

Thank you for your most excellent work on behalf of our son.  I thought about sending a fruit basket or something but …. well …. probably not my best option for you of all people, so my heartfelt gratitude will have to do. ;)  I know __________ has extended our appreciation, but I wanted to add mine to his.

We appreciate so very much your tireless efforts on _________’s behalf.  At every stage of this case we felt confident that his best interests were at the forefront of all you were doing.  In the early days when he was still so very sick, we appreciated the leadership and knowledge you showed when we were struggling to think past our fear and emotions, and we knew we could leave things in your very capable hands.  As time went on, we were so grateful for the extra efforts you made in a case (and a state) that proved to be very frustrating for you at times.  I cannot image another firm instilling such confidence in us or taking better care of ___________ and his interests.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with your team at Marler Clark and we will forever be grateful for our experience with your firm.  Please know how much it means to this mama that you took such good care of my son.

Bill, if you ever make it into ___________, it would be our pleasure to treat you to dinner and to shake your hand in person.  We wish you ongoing success in your fight to bring food safety issues to light and to hold those accountable until we see real changes and improvements.

Warmest regards,

_________  ___________