IMG_0022.jpgHauser_A01_CD01VICTIMS~p1.JPGYesterday I wrote “The Deadly 2011 Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak – My View Part 6 – Conclusion.”  This was my conclusion to a six part series on the deadly listeria cantaloupe outbreak.  At the time that the CDC completed its investigation in early December 2011, only thirty deaths were reported: Colorado (8), Indiana (1), Kansas (3), Louisiana (2), Maryland (1), Missouri (3), Nebraska (1), New Mexico (5), New York (2), Oklahoma (1), Texas (2), and Wyoming (1). In addition, one woman pregnant at the time of illness had a miscarriage.

Now, since then three of my Listeria clients, Paul Schwarz (MO), Sharon Jones (CO) and Mike Hauser (CO) have died. Mr. Hauser died today (See, Mike with a grandchild before his illness and Penny watching over Mike while he was hospitalized for over four months).  In addition, I learned last week that Listeria victim, Dale Braddock (NE), also died.

CDC, are you going to update the number of the dead?  Or, are you simply not interested in updating your “statistics?”

UPDATE by Mike Booth of the Denver Post:

The death toll from Colorado’s cantaloupe listeria outbreak could eventually reach 36 or more, after a CDC update of the count and reports of listeria-linked deaths not yet included in the tally.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday it has updated the death toll from Colorado’s cantaloupe listeria to 32, but the two added most recently occurred “well before” Dec. 8.

Here are all Six Parts of The Deadly 2011 Cantaloupe Listeria Outbreak – My View – Download PDF.