Yesterday, Joe Mandak of the Associated Press reported in his story Hepatitis plaintiffs want judge to OK lawsuits against Chi-Chi’s, that we have asked the bankruptcy judge to lift the automatic stay to sue the restaurant chain. Lifting the stay will be our first step in accessing the $51 million in liability insurance held by the company but currently protected by bankruptcy proceedings.

As the AP reported:

“We are asking the court to lift the stay so these defendants can be in one courtroom,” said William Marler, one of the attorneys. “We believe that this will allow a jury to determine how this tragedy occurred and how we can prevent it from ever happening again.”

“We not only need to find out who is responsible for the injuries of over 650 people and the deaths of three, but these people need to be compensated for their injuries and loss,” Marler said. “Having the entire chain of distribution of these green onions in one suit will ensure fair compensation for all victims.”