In late October 2003, Beaver County ER doctors reported an alarming number of Hepatitis A cases. Investigators from the Pennsylvania Department of Health initiated an investigation immediately and discovered that many, if not all, cases had eaten at Chi Chi’s restaurant in Monaca, Pennsylvania’s Beaver Valley Mall. Along with the health department, the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conducted further studies of the outbreak. Preliminary analysis of a case-control study suggested that green onions were the probable source of the outbreak. The onions had been shipped to the restaurant in boxes and were stored and refrigerated in buckets of ice. They were eventually chopped up and served in various dishes at the restaurant, often uncooked, as in the preparation of mild salsa. “Preliminary trace-back information indicated that the green onions supplied to Chi Chi’s had been grown in Mexico.” Ultimately, over 650 people were sickened in the outbreak. The victims included at least thirteen Chi Chi’s employees and numerous residents of six other states. Four people died from their injuries, and more than 9,000 people obtained immune globulin shots as protection against the virus. This is the story of one of those cases.

Richard Miller Hepatitis A Food Poisoning Illness and Lawsuit from Marlerclark on Vimeo.

  • Picbuddy

    Christ! Now, my question is, with peoples bodies being brutally destroyed like this, why is the US allowing importation of green onions (jalapenos) etc. from Mexico? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that if you are growing food food human consumption, in raw human feces (as they do in Mexico), someone is gonna get sick. I know nothing about this case, but can already tell where the disease came from. That’s the same think that happened with he jalapeno pepper outbreak earlier this year…

  • Teddy

    Its not like the Mexicans are doing it carelessly on purpose as you are implying picbuddy. Whats happening and this is true with ANY country is that when you start outsourcing ANYTHING you loose control over how its processed and we are doing this with our food supply why? because the U.S is overpopulated (and obese) and basically to lazy to actually grow anything for bulk. We have forced ourselves to outsource and in that we lose control of our product. The scary thing is that if some other country decides to destroy the U.S all they have to do is put a heavy duty containment in the food we outsource…. we have no control only the illusion of control. They will put anything in our food supply to thin it out to save a few extra dollars (like the melamine in the dry milk from china) too bad 90% of us are brainwashed and force fed bullshit from our governments to make us think we are fine. Then when they poison us they GOUGE us with disgustingly priced health care. I could rant all day about this….good luck. grow a garden. save a tree. be polite. laugh too much.