Case No. 09 L 0089 – Judge Vandewiele


  • Michelle Harker

    How do we become part of the Class Action Lawsuit against McDonalds? Are there any qualifications other than being exposed and seeking out the vaccination for precaution? I would like more information. Thanks!
    Very Frustrated and Stressed Consumer!

  • Bonnie Lee

    How do we find out how we can be a part of the class action suit against MdConalds thru the Marler Clark firm. My family has gotten the vaccination from our health department.
    thank you

  • Debbie

    How can my sister become a part of this class action lawsuit. She also ate at Mcdonalds in Milan three times a week and she is sick right now. The doctors brought up hepititis A as well.She also had to go to Rock Island to receive a shot. I am waiting to hear more info on my sister. She is real sick right now. Debbie