I just got the below email tonight.  I deleted identifying information to protect the dairyman’s identification.

I’ve been following your blog ever since our unfortunate involvement in the raw milk business in 2006. I’ve found it to be an excellent information source. We’ve talked in the past, as you might recall. We no longer are involved in producing raw milk products, nor will we ever be.

What people need to realize with E-coli is that it doesn’t take very many cells, to make a person deathly ill. And it’s in manure, that’s a fact, it’s not a matter of if someone will get sick from raw milk it’s just a matter as to when. And it appears that the person has 3 possible outcomes, 1) their immune system gets them through it, very painful. 2) They survive but have lifetime health issues, HUS etc. or 3) Death. This is why I will never produce raw milk products for commercial sale ever again.

We now produce a very nice pasteurized _____ Guernsey yogurt that you might like to try, it’s available at the _____ Market on _____, also _____ Market.

As an ending comment, have you noticed how lax the media has been on the latest E-coli outbreak? According to press release, 3 people have been sickened from e-coli in raw milk from the Dungeness farm in Sequim, WA and not a peep, from the health department or mainstream media television etc. We had one confirmed incident, with another possible that didn’t require hospitalization and we had helicopters over our house for 3 days. With the seriousness of what E-coli is, I would think the health professionals and media would want to educate and warn the public as much as possible when an incident occurs.

Thank you, _____