See CNN Interview on CDC and FDA action to date.

  • cindy Platt

    Are you able to get food poisoning from guacamole?

  • Emily

    Ehm YES! Listeria species are ubiquitous – they are everywhere. The incidence of listeria monocytogenes in guacamole is low but deadly. 33% of cases result in death. You can also get salmonella, E.coli and even botulism (rare) from guacamole. It’s easy to avoid getting these though, if you make your own guacamole.
    Simply cut off a centimetre or two of the stem ends (as L.mono can enter there), wash the avocado with soap and water and freezing at very low temperatures for 2+ weeks drastically decreases bacterial counts. Just use the avo and consume it soon after defrosting. The taste will be almost as good as fresh and if you buy guacamole from any safe supplier it will always have been pre-frozen.