So, I get home from visiting my parents for Easter and I get this email from The email came from Lynchburg Virginia – home of Falwell Ministries, Liberty University, Stewart Parnell and the Peanut Corporation of America:

You have got to be a money crazy son of a bitch, with a big mouth. People like you arn’t (sic) interested in the problem. You are only trying to feather your own nest. I hope that some day that I can meet you. You have to be a real ass hole…. Hugh Parnell

I “googled” Hugh Parnell. My guess is this nice email came from Hugh Parnell Jr. (Stewart’s little brother). He was quoted in the Washington Post at the time that his brother’s business was linked to 700 illnesses and nine deaths:

Hugh Parnell Jr. said he has not worked for PCA for 10 years but continues to do business with the company as a peanut broker. He defended his brother as someone who "would never try to hurt anybody."

"It’d be like General Motors selling a car with no brakes," he said. "How are you going to benefit from that? You’d just hurt your company."

"He didn’t want this," said Hugh Parnell Jr. "It’s a nightmare."

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Hugh’s and Stewart’s mother. I posted her emails here – “It is good to be hated by some people.”  Seems like a lovely family.  Perhaps little brother should read the emails that the FBI seized in their ongoing criminal investigation of big brother.

Well, off to hunt Easter Eggs in the rain and snow.