I was reading the St. Cloud Times and saw this small note about a completely preventable tragedy:

Fundraiser for Stephanie Smith

When: Noon-5 p.m., Nov. 4.

Where: 103 River Oaks Drive (by Rocori High School on River Oaks Golf Course), Cold Spring.

What: Stephanie Smith is a 20-year-old Rocori High School graduate and is the daughter of Sharon Smith of Cold Spring and Tom Smith of St. Cloud. She is at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester in a drug-induced coma, battling from E. coli poisoning. Friends and family are having a fundraiser to help Stephanie with expenses.

Contact: Jackie Mueller, 320-685-8485; Kim Anderson, 320-685-3073.

Where is help from Cargill and Sams Club as I posted a few days ago?

I have a challenge for my avid blog readers.  Since this family will have to sue to get Cargill to do the moral thing, let’s step up.  I will personally match, dollar for dollar, each donation up to $10,000 total.

  • amanda

    to see this happen to a beautiful, caring person like Steph is heart wrenching.She is strong though,please keep Steph and her family in your thoughts and prayers! We love you Steph!

  • Nikki

    WOW! You are so generous. I know Steph will be overwhelmed by everyones thoughtfulness, thank you!

  • Ronald Eustice

    Make it as safe as milk
    Finally some good news: Twenty-year-old Stephanie Smith of Cold Spring regained consciousness after spending more than nine weeks in a drug-induced coma. She contracted the E. coli bacteria after eating Sam’s Club hamburger in September and has been at St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester ever since.
    Had the ground beef consumed by Stephanie been irradiated, she would not have become ill. It is time for the beef industry to routinely irradiate ground beef. The USDA/FDA-approved process is already being used by several visionary companies, including Schwan’s, Omaha Steaks and others.
    Irradiation will do for ground beef what pasteurization did for milk.