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  • Gabrielle Meunier

    Wonderful work. If only the CDC and FDA could get their webpages and public information as nicely presented as yours (I have a very hard time getting what I am looking for on their webpages). I think we all should be guiding them on best practices. Your firm definitely has it right.

  • Minkpuppy

    Gabrielle-I understand your frustration with the CDC and FDA websites. The FSIS website is just as badly organized and I hear complaints often from the plant owners that are trying to find information. If inspectors ask the District office about something, they get told to look on the website when if we could find the dang info on the site then we wouldn’t have to ask the question! Ugh.

    I think the federal government needs to hire web developers to make things more user friendly like this site.

  • Mary McGonigle-Martin

    Nice job Patti. :-)

  • Gabrielle Meunier

    To Minkpuppy. Problem is I don’t they think “out of the box”. Job security and paranoia and all that stuff unfortunately. They need clear direction from the top down. I think they think they are utilizing technology because they are linked to Twitter and have Widgets!! I find those two worthless if the information/Home page is not easily layed out. I wish they would hire Bill Marler to get it right in so many arenas!

  • jacklovesfood

    what are some ways foodborne illness occur?
    who is effected the most from it?
    is it curable?
    how could it be stopped from spreading?
    how bad could it be to your health?
    if anyone knows these questions answer i would like to know.