Mark Johnson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel posted last night on the online edition that now “five people in Wisconsin have been infected with E. coli O157:H7, three of whom consumed beef at the same event in the Milwaukee area in mid- or late September, according to the Milwaukee Health Department. The Cargill patties were produced between Aug. 9 and Aug. 17 and were sent to retail establishments, restaurants and institutions nationwide…. Cargill is voluntarily recalling 845,000 pounds of frozen ground beef patties produced at its Butler, Wisconsin plant.”

As I posted earlier, Cargill has had problems with E. coli in the past and they have been tragically tied to Milwaukee.

  • Minnesota family files E. coli suit against Cargill sold at Sams Club

    Eric and Jennifer Gustafson will file suit Monday morning against Cargill on behalf of their two children, Callie, who was hospitalized with acute kidney failure (HUS) caused by E. coli O157:H7 and Carson, who also became ill with E. coli….