Lawsuit filed against San Diego based, Andrew & Williamson Fresh Produce, by Minnesota woman hospitalized with Salmonella Poona linked to consuming tainted cucumbers at a Minnesota Red Lobster.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 9.47.42 AMThe Federal Courts (at least the electronic version) was working in Minneapolis this AM to file the first lawsuit (Complaint and Cover Sheet) linked to 285 Salmonella Illnesses in Alaska (8), Arizona (60), Arkansas (6), California (51 and 1 death), Colorado (14), Idaho (8), Illinois (5), Kansas (1), Louisiana (3), Minnesota (12), Missouri (7), Montana (11), Nebraska (2), Nevada (7), New Mexico (15), New York (4), North Dakota (1), Ohio (2), Oklahoma (5), Oregon (3), South Carolina (6), Texas (9), Utah (30), Virginia (1), Washington (9), Wisconsin (2), and Wyoming (3).

On August 11, 2015 plaintiff dined at the Maplewood, Minnesota Red Lobster where she consumed a salad that contained defendant’s Salmonella-tainted cucumbers. The following day plaintiff became ill and was seen by her family physician, which felt she had a virus of the “stomach flu.”  She was treated conservatively and sent home with instructions to push fluids. Unfortunately, that evening into the 14th, plaintiff’s symptoms worsened.  Plaintiff began to suffer severe cramping, vomiting and near constant diarrhea.  911 was called and it was determined that plaintiff needed prompt, emergency care.  Plaintiff was transported to Northfield Hospital. Plaintiff was hospitalized until August 20, 2015.  While hospitalized her symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, fever, muscle pain and weakness intensified.  She was treated with IV’s for dehydration and multiple antibiotics to combat the Salmonella.  A stool culture was taken that eventually returned positive for the cucumber-related outbreak strain of Salmonella Poona that was confirmed by the Minnesota Department of Health. Plaintiff was transferred to the Farmington Trinity Care Center for rehabilitation on August 20 and she remained there until August 28, 2015 when she was finally able to return home where she continues to convalesce.