500 million egg were recalled in August after nearly 2,000 were sickened.  And, now the FDA is in the implementation phase of a new federal rule (“Egg Rule”) aimed at preventing Salmonella in shell eggs.

salmonella egg.jpgThe FDA has now inspected 35 shell egg farms in six states–Ohio, Maine, Pennsylvania, Washington, South Carolina, and Utah–all of which had either been associated with an outbreak or were flagged because of a poor compliance history. The FDA found that 12 farms needed to make changes, 11 were given a final inspection classification as “No Action Indicated,” and 12 farms are still waiting on their status. Of 1,796 environmental swabs collected, 76–four percent–were positive for Salmonella Entertidis.

The report was the first issued by the FDA in its year-long initiative to inspect every major egg farm in the U.S. There are about 600 farms with over 50,000 laying hens that are currently subject to the new egg safety rule.

“The remaining farms will receive a targeted inspection focused on compliance with the major provisions of the Rule,” according to FDA. “An evidentiary threshold based on initial inspectional observations is being established for these sites, which will trigger comprehensive inspections that will include environmental sampling, if indicated. FDA and its state partners will be in communication throughout the course of this assignment to share the results of inspections.”

Yes, the FDA is in the pocket of Big Ag – right!  However, where is the transparency?  The “farms,” with both good and bad results should be named.

  • Bill Anderson

    Didn’t we already have this conversation Bill?
    FDA does not exist in a vaccuum. Yes, it is subject to public pressure. All the more reason to keep the pressure and crticism on FDA for being in bed with big business.
    That doesn’t mean FDA isn’t controlled by big business.
    “There is no significant difference between the milk of cows treated with rBGH and those not treated” –FDA, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.
    How do you expect to have any credibility when you say things like that?

  • Frankly, Bill, I do not stay awake at night yearning for credibility in your eyes. Do I think that politics and regulation are influenced and directed by power – of course I do. The is nothing about this post pointing out what the FDA is doing in finally enforcing the egg rule to suggest otherwise. Do I think FDA has failings – like not naming farms and not being transparent – of course I do. However, your views are not helpful to have any meaningful discussion.