x160.jpgAnd, the guy who took the fifth gets to keep shipping eggs?  The FDA is releasing a letter sent to Hillandale Farms of Hampton, Iowa, dated October 15, 2010. Hillandale Farms is one of two companies that recalled eggs in August 2010. This letter authorizes Hillandale Farms to ship eggs to the table market from three of its egg-producing houses.

FDA’s decision is based upon a thorough review of the company’s response to the inspectional observations noted by the agency in August. In addition, the three houses have been extensively tested and found to have no evidence of Salmonella contamination. Four other houses overseen by Hillandale are undergoing further testing before consideration for shipping. Hillandale Farms has also committed to an enhanced surveillance program for Salmonella.

Hillandale Farms has notified FDA that the company intends to begin shipping from the three houses on Monday, October 18, 2010.