WALB TV reports today that Faye Bryant was transferred to the intermediate intensive care unit at Archbold Memorial Hospital last Saturday after her condition continued to get worsen.  The Bryant’s ate at the Barbecue Pit Steak And Seafood restaurant in Moultrie 3 weeks ago. Health investigators say beef served at the popular restaurant is the source of an E. coli outbreak in Colquitt County.

According Faye Bryant’s daughter, Mrs. Bryant is now in a semi-conscious state…. Her kidneys’ are working from 0 to 10%…. She goes everyday to dialysis…. She has to have plasma exchange and platelets…. Her platelets just got up today so she won’t have to have that anymore…. They found out she’s having mini-seizures. All from this.

Post-diarrheal Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome (D+HUS) is a severe, life-threatening complication that occurs in about 10% of those infected with E. coli O157:H7 or other Shiga toxin (Stx) producing E. coli. D+HUS was first described in 1955, but was not known to be secondary to E. coli infections until 1982. It is now recognized as the most common cause of acute kidney failure in infants and young children. Adolescents and adults are also susceptible, as are the elderly who often succumb to the disease.

  • Matt

    This article doesn’t say anything about Faye’s age. At first I was fearing I was going to read about a child. I guess ‘releif’ is a horrible way to describe it, but apparently Faye is an adult; possibly elderly judging from a picture of the daughter I saw on WALB’s web site.
    Of interest to me from the article; this family (at least 3 of them got sick) noticed nothing wrong with their food. They’d been back before and subsequently.
    That’s because e. coli O157:H17 doesn’t taste bad, smell bad – all those might be indicators that the meat is spoiled, but the freshest meat can be completely contaminated and you’d never know it by your senses.
    It can even be cooked completely, passed 160 degrees and get contaminated by an unclean cooking utensil. This could happen to anyone.
    My sympathy goes out to the Bryant family; I hope Faye pulls through with no lingering damage and a large settlement from Nebraska Beef.

  • Melissa McDonald Faye Bryant’s Daughter

    One year later:
    My mother (Faye Bryant) is not the same she still has problems that can flair up at anytime, all from e-coli 0157-H7. I am writing this because I would like to share mom’s story to save people or children that possibly could become sickened by this illness. This is a very serious illness that can cause death. My mom is a miracle all because of prayers that went up for her during her hospital stay which was 14 weeks. The doctors and nurses, mom had at Thomasville, GA was very good to her and they believed in prayer. I asked them every time they came to see mom if they would pray for her; since she was in IMCU and ICU we only got to see her only when visiting hours were (even though we were out waiting in the waiting room) we never left her spent the day and night. The hospital became our home. My sister (Melinda Stanaland) we shared responsiblities of mom to make sure she was getting the best care possible.
    Mom’s illness is still showing through even though she fought a very good fight. Since moms illness turned into HUS. Mom is still having symptoms to this day. One of the symptoms she is occurring is weakness. Doctors say that it might take her at least 2 to 3 years to become stronger. Mom lost alot a muscle mass during her illness. Mom will never be the same according to her doctors. I know of several things that have changed. Mom was a loving mother and very patient, now her patience is very thin. Mom used to have a very good outlook on life and always have a great mood. This illness has affected this as well. Her complexion was very beautiful. Her skin is very pale looking. She has just turned 61. Mom says, “She feels like she is 91”.
    My dad was affected by e-coli 0157-H7 as well. Dad’s illness never turned into HUS (thank GOD). He still is having problems with endurance.
    His complexion is pale as well. Any kind of sickness they both have to return to the doctor because of the immune system is showing very low due to the illness of e-coli 0157-H7.