Please pass this on: I am 55 years old and having been married for 37 years, so I have been grocery shopping for at least that long. I got sick from spinach; last month I opened a can of Geisha brand peaches (from China but distributed from New York) only to find a dead fly in the can; and this past week I purchased 2 cans of Castleberry’s hot dog chili sauce distributed from Augusta, GA that have been recalled. Am I being paranoid or is someone out there trying to kill Americans with the food chain, or just me in particular? What’s going on here and how can we protect ourselves other than reverting back to growing our own food. I know growing up if we didn’t shoot it, reel it in or grow it, we didn’t eat it (ie; deer meat, fish (lots & lots of fish) and fresh vegetables & fruits grown by family members.) What’s going on here with the food chain is scaring the h_ _ _ out of me. Too many things happening in a very short time frame to me.