Helen Altonn of the Hawaii Star Bulletin profiled crack Epidemiologist, Dr. Paul Effler, as he helped break the outbreak of a rare type of salmonella poisoning on Oahu that is linked to similar cases on the mainland. The case was cracked through the use of "genetic fingerprints" of the bacteria’s DNA. According to the Bulletin, the illnesses are due to frozen ahi imported and distributed to Hawaii and other places, said Dr. Paul Effler, state epidemiologist.

About 30 cases have been confirmed on Oahu since October, said Janice Okubo, state Health Department spokeswoman. Five people were hospitalized but have been released, she said. " The unusual culprit is known as salmonella Paratyphi B. Because it is rare "doesn’t necessarily mean it’s serious," Effler said. "It’s just more uncommon."

I am speaking in Hawaii in February in part to the Health Department and to Hawaii businesses.  I am glad that Dr. Effler has made my sushi eating a bit safer.

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