Todd Blackinton of KPVI Channel 6 of Pocatello reported on the grief of the Allgood family in – Closure: Family Heals After Son Dies From Spinach

As a father of three, I cannot imagine the grief of losing a child.

Jeff Allgood, Kyle’s Father: “it’s a roller coaster. Every day is a little different.” Day by day is how the Allgoods live their lives nine months after the sudden death of their little boy, Kyle. They keep busy, but in those down times, the pain comes back. Robyn Allgood, Kyle’s Mother: “There’s nights when you just want your son back. You don’t want to hear those comforting things and sometimes you have to allow yourself to grieve and to feel that pain. But you do have to allow peace.”

I hope the president of DOLE reads this.