claravale-farm-raw-milk.jpgSocial media will one day win a Pulitzer for giving people information long before the mainstream media (including, Food Safety News) even wakes up.  Thanks to the folks (Pope David) at Complete Patient for doing such a public service.  Here are some hot comments on what appears to be happening at Claravale Farm in California – the other commercial raw milk company in California:

Campylobacter Recall at Claravale?

A client of mine told me that her friend drinks Claravale and she has tested positive for campylobacter. She is now on antibiotics. Thus far Claravale has made a voluntary recall. I also heard that a half a dozen kids have been sick with bloody diarrhea and all of them were drinking Claravale. So far, the cultures have shown just campylobacter. All the kids are doing well. Some were not even treated with any medications.

It is my understanding that Claravale of California was started in 1927 and has never had a problem with their raw milk.

My prayers go out to Ron and his wife who own Claravale and all the people that have gotten sick.

February 16, 2012 | Cali Farmer


Cali farmer,

As far as I know, Claravale has never had any issues with their milk. If what you posted is true, what changed? Why now?

I didn’t find anything when I googles claravale nor did I see anything on their web site. I find it strange that it is not in the media.

February 16, 2012 | Sylvia Gibson


Sylvia, CaliFarmer, when the dust settles I think you will find that whatever infections people may have did not come from Claravale.

I don’t find it at all strange that there is nothing in the media. They have not been ordered to cease shipping by any government entity. I understand that they stopped shipping voluntarily to run additional tests after receiving a call from a few customers who said they had an illness.

We received a notice from our buying club that Claravale had voluntarily stopped shipping. We hope to have our milk back soon after they have a chance to check things out and ensure that nothing unusual has happened at their dairy.

In the past few weeks, there have been a number of cases of Campylobacter in California among a population that does not drink Claravale (or any other rawmilk). There have also been a rather large number of patients presenting to local hospitals in the extended SF Bay Area counties with “gastrointestinal flu”.

We wish a speedy recovery to those who are ill.

My family and friends stand firmly in support of Claravale.

Our seniors, our children and everyone in between have been drinking Claravale daily for years. No illnesses here. My family has been buying their milk since the 1920’s.

Never had any illnesses from Claravale.

February 16, 2012 | Suzanna


OPDC delivery drivers are reporting to me that CA store dairy case managers are saying the official word is…. “Claravale has a plant problem”. There has been no Claravale products in the stores for several days. Their website has no information. They are not answering their phone. CDFA has been silent. Their has been no media coverage at all.

I got a call from Cookson Beecher at Food Safety News today ( Bill Marlers online news letter ). They are tracking this story and told me that according to their sources, Campylobacter is involved somehow…..but not sure how. There appears to be an information void and rumors are rampant. I do know that OPDC raw milk orders are way up.

I wish every one at Claravale a rapid recovery from this first ever in 85 years….pathogen challenge. We pray for the rapid return to health for anyone that has become ill. I do know that the flu is going around like crazy right now and campylobacter and the flu are very close in symptoms.

California needs Claravale….we need Claravale, the consumers need Claravale.

I wish Ron and Collette strength and peace as they do what they need to do to get back into the market.

February 16, 2012 | Mark McAfee

We shall see what Friday brings.