Even in London, I cannot seem to get away from Raw Milk. Not only was my discussion with Raw Milk Guru, David Gumpert, published at Simple, Good and Tasty today, but an intrepid reporter from Boulder called my cell phone at midnight London time to tell me that “Boulder County Public Health officials said Thursday that they have identified eight new cases of illness linked to raw goat’s milk from the Billy Goat Dairy, bringing the total to 24.”

According to this morning’s paper, “A team of state and local health investigators visited the Longmont dairy Thursday morning to collect samples from the goats, whose unpasteurized milk is considered the source of campylobacter and E. coli O157 infections that were identified in 16 people earlier this week.  Epidemiologists continued to contact the 43 households that participate in the dairy’s goat-share program to warn of potential health risks and check for symptoms Thursday. They were still waiting on responses from several households. …

Two children were hospitalized in connection with the outbreak. One has been released; the other remains under observation, but health officials reported his condition is improving.

Boulder County Public Health ordered the dairy on Tuesday to stop distribution of its raw milk products while it investigates. …

The outbreak has stirred up debate about raw milk, which has been controversial.

Bill Marler is a food safety advocate who has represented dozens of people who have fallen ill as a result of consuming raw milk.

"I think raw milk has this sort of love of the small farmers, sort of natural cachet to it," Marler said. "The reality is that pasteurization is one of the scientific breakthroughs that works, and the alternative is you’re going to get kids sick like this."

Marler said there has been a significant spike in raw milk contamination in the past six months, with 10 confirmed outbreaks of E. coli O157, salmonella and campylobacter across the United States."

I also had the pleasure of having breakfast/lunch with Jill Greenfield, a solicitor here in London who is handling the open farm E. coli O157:H7 outbreak from last summer that left dozens devastated.

I told her I would help for free if I got to wear a wig and a robe.