I got this email a few moments ago from the daughter of Herbert Stevens:

A few of us went to Fort Logan National Cemetery today to see where dad’s ashes were buried and to our surprise, Charles Palmer is buried in the row behind my dad, one spot to the right. I just happened to glance that way and noticed the name. We were so surprised. Attached is a picture.  Dad’s temporary marker is in front and Charles Palmer’s marker is in back and to the right. It takes about 6 weeks to get the white head stone.

What are the chances of that?

As I posted last week, Charles and Herbert, consumed Listeria-tainted cantaloupe within days purchased from Kroger and Walmart, respectively.  They also died within days of each other.  Now, they are buried within feet of each other.

One can only hope that their families trials against the stores that sold them the product that hastened their deaths, will be days apart as well.