As Clint Williams of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported yesterday, It’s been a rough year for Cindy Horney. Ten days of fever, nausea and diarrhea were only the beginning. The case of salmonella food poisoning triggered a case of Reiter syndrome, an uncommon form of arthritis. Intense pain in her hips made it hard to walk and sleep. Cindy Horney is one of seven people on behalf of whom Marler Clark has filed lawsuits against Golden Corral restaurants.

The plaintiffs hope to settle the cases through mediation as early as October. “Litigation is expensive, and if you can resolve these things without going through the court system it’s better for everyone involved,” he said. Marler recently settled a case in which victims of a 2002 salmonella outbreak linked to a Michigan bakery collected $3,000 to $80,000 each.

Cindy Horney is one of at least 23 people stricken last year in an outbreak of salmonellosis linked to the Golden Corral buffet restaurant on Barrett Parkway in Kennesaw. The Georgia Division of Public Health a year ago today announced that from early June through late August 2003, a total of 23 people were infected with the bacteria salmonella berta. Of those 23 confirmed cases, 18 had links to the Golden Corral just west of Town Center mall.