Another hepatitis A case with a possible link to a Chipotle restaurant in La Mesa has been confirmed, bringing the number to 21, the San Diego County Health and Human Services announced Tuesday.  We filed suit today on behalf of 1 of the 21 today.

 Hepatitis A is commonly spread through fecal contamination due to poor hygiene.  Exposure can also occur when someone consumes food or water contaminated with the hepatitis A virus.  Symptoms of the disease include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, abdominal discomfort, dark urine and jaundice.  We are or have been involved in representing families and children who have suffered from this virus:

Carl’s Jr. Hepatitis A Outbreak – Washington
Chi-Chi’s Hepatitis A Outbreak – Pennsylvania
Chipotle Grill Hepatitis A – San Diego
D’Angelo’s Deli Hepatitis A Outbreak – Massachusetts
Friendly’s Hepatitis A Exposure – Massachusetts
Houlihan’s Hepatitis A Exposure – Illinois
Maple Lawn Dairy Hepatitis A Outbreak – New York
McDonald’s Hepatitis A Outbreak – Washington
Quizno’s Hepatitis A Exposure – Massachusetts
Soleil Produce Hepatitis A Outbreak – California
Subway Hepatitis A Outbreak – Washington
Taco Bell Hepatitis A Outbreak – Florida