It was much easier to track the illnesses caused by Topps E. coli contaminated hamburger as there is a report on-line on the CDC website and the 21,000,000 pounds of hamburger recalled.  No such luck with being able to see the same on the Cargill recall.   Remember, Cargill recalled nearly 1,000,000 pounds of E. coli infected hamburger.  A search through Health Department websites and news, has shown at least 13 people ill, and probably 14, 3 still hospitalized –  2 still in critical condition. 

This is what I have been able to find:

We represent 3 of those children and have filed suit on behalf of 2 with number 3 coming this week while I am in Minnesota mediating the Dole spinach E. coli cases and Lunds and Byerly’s.  We had asked that Cargill help all victims who have incurred medical expenses.  It has been silent.  According to the St. Cloud Times, Stephanie Smith, 20, remains in critical condition as of last Sunday morning at St. Mary’s Hospital after contracting what appears to be a critical case of E. coli poisoning.

According to the Knoxville Sentinel, 4-year-old John McDonald, who contracted E. coli linked to Cargill is in serious condition in UT’s pediatric intensive care unit. Surgeons removed part of the boy’s colon and lower bowel Tuesday night.

Heck, Cargill even poisons people from its own state – go figure.  But then again, this is not the first time Cargill has had E. coli problems.