Cargill recalled E. coli contaminated Frozen Hamburger Patties last week.  E. coli cases have been linked in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Carolina and now Tennessee.  Many of the E. coli cases involve HUS, acute kidney failure.  We will be filing suit against Cargill Monday morning in Minnesota.  This is not the first time we have had to deal with Cargill in this manner.

More news from Tennessee:

State and local health officials are investigating four cases of E. coli in East Tennessee, including a brother and sister whose father says they were infected by recalled Cargill-brand hamburger patties from Sam’s Club.

And, from Minnesota:

Stephanie Smith, 20, is struggling for her life after contracting what appears to be a critical case of E. coli poisoning.

For a great overview of the beef supply mess, see Jeffrey Gold AP business writer from Newark, New Jersey:

Beef recalls raise concerns about food safety – Nationwide recalls by two frozen hamburger companies have brought renewed demands to update the nation’s century-old meat inspection system and give the government more power to keep questionable products off the dinner table.