From AP Reports:

Food safety attorney Bill Marler, who represents 46 families in the Jensen Farms case, said Tuesday’s meeting is important. Yet, Marler said others responsible for safeguarding the food supply chain, including the government, need to be held accountable, too.

“It’s not just a couple of farmers in Holly, Colorado, doing a bad job, which they did. It’s the system, the entire system that allows it,” Marler said.

The brothers apologized during what William Marler, an attorney representing victims in lawsuits against Jensen Farms, described as a sober meeting at the federal courthouse in Denver. In turn, some of the victims told the Jensens about their loved ones who fell ill, he said.

“Everybody – prosecutors, the FDA – none of us had ever had a meeting like this,” Marler said. “It’s a tragedy for everybody.”

Marler said stores that sold the tainted fruit and inspectors who approved it should have also been at Tuesday’s meeting, but they weren’t invited.

“This isn’t just about the Jensens,” Marler said.