According to the CDC’s most recent count, as of April 14 the outbreak had sickened 23 patients in 14 states, including two cases each were reported in New Hampshire and Massachusetts with California, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island and Vermont each reported one case.  Maine, New Jersey and New York each reported three cases.  Illness onset dates were known for nine patients and ranged from January 22 to March 2.  Patients’ ages range from 1 to 95 years (really, 95?) and 62% are female.  Three hospitalizations have been reported, but no deaths.  The CDC said the PulseNet system notified its outbreak team on Apr 7 about a cluster of human Salmonella Agona isolates from several states that had the same genetic fingerprint.

  • victim’s friend

    My wife’s grandmother fell ill to the Malt-o-meal cereal. She was so so bad the Dr’s told the extended family to fly in to pay their last respects. She ended up spending over a week in the hospital and now has to be admitted to a long term care facility because she is no longer able to care for herself. absolute shame