Boise-Co-OpThere are now 100 confirmed cases of Salmonella infection linked to the Boise (Idaho) Co-op deli, according to the latest update from the Central District Health Department in Boise. Because food items from the co-op deli were sold at the local airport, it’s possible that some of the sickened individuals are from other states.

The co-op voluntarily closed the deli on Monday after preliminary test results indicated Salmonella contamination in raw turkey, tomatoes and onions. However, the health department stated Tuesday that additional lab tests are pending.

Boise-Co-Op“Upon receiving this new information, we voluntarily closed our Deli and disposed of all foods prepared herein. As an added precaution, any foods purchased from our Deli after June 1, 2015 should be discarded. Please see Customer Service for a refund,” noted a co-op statement posted June 16.

The co-op is devising a risk-reduction plan and will meet with health department officials to determine whether it can continue selling food at the deli. According to a department spokeswoman, the deli might be able to reopen this week if the plan is approved.