Brett Blackledge (aka, "Mr. Peanut") of “All Peanuts” News broke another story in the never-ending saga of Peanut Corporation of America (PCA). This time the story is that PCA’s Plainview, Texas facility that “blanches, dry roasts, oil-roasts and chops peanuts, then ships them to food companies across the country,” was operating without a license. The FDA learned about this after PCA’s Blakely, Georgia plant was implicated in a nationwide Salmonella outbreak that has left over 500 ill and eight dead. Also, according to “All Peanuts,” the PCA Plainville, Texas plant “never was inspected until after the company fell under investigation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, according to Texas health records obtained by AP…. [And raised questions] – including how it could have operated unlicensed for nearly four years [and] about the adequacy of government efforts to keep the nation’s food supply safe.”

PCA’s website has been taken down except for a few press releases and an address where it can be sued:  Registered agent for service of process: Ct Corporation System ‚Ä®1201 Peachtree St Ne # 1240, Atlanta, GA 30361.

With Bankruptcy looming, Congressional hearings to attend and criminal defense lawyers to retain, being sued by Salmonella victims is quickly becoming the least of PCA’s problems.