non-stop-flights-from-the-usaI gave my keynote in Nelson, New Zealand (thanks again for the Seattle weather) – “How to avoid the lawyers coming calling on a food safety issue” – I am now in Auckland for a few days and next week I will be in Sydney, Australia giving a similar speech – “Foodborne illness litigation – What have we learned from recent food safety crises?”

In addition to trying to explain Trump (sorry, I can not), I have had to answer a number of questions about the following outbreaks hitting the US over the last week – many while I have been “down under.”

Another Salmonella “Sproutbreak” – It is Time for a Warning Label

Michigan Restaurants Implicated in Six Grassfields Cheese E. coli Cases

Oahu Hawaii Mystery Hepatitis A Outbreak Hits 135

36 at Richey Centennial Event and Class Reunion Hit with E. coli

E. coli Illnesses in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont prompt Ground Beef Recall

FDA weighs in on North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia Salmonella Outbreak linked to Chapel Hill Creamery

Two Dozen with Salmonella linked to Marengo Big G Potato Salad

Ranch Foods Direct Likely Link to E. coli Outbreak

Looks like I better get home.