e-coli-o157QUESTION: Can you provide any details? CDPH should provide the current case count?

CDPH RESPONSE: As of February 8, 2016, six children with a unique strain of Shiga-toxin producing E. coli O157 have been identified; of these six children, four have reported drinking Organic Pastures raw milk before they got sick. All six illnesses occurred in January. The investigation is ongoing.

QUESTION: The company’s voluntary recall notice indicates they are working with state officials

CDPH RESPONSE: That is correct. After being notified by CDPH of potential cases of E. coli O157 infections that reported a common exposure to Organic Pastures Dairy Company (OPDC) raw milk consumption prior to onset, OPDC initiated a voluntary recall of two lots of raw milk. OPDC is cooperating with the investigation.

QUESTION: How the CDPH is involved?

CDPH RESPONSE: CDPH is continuing to work with local health departments to identify potential case patients that might be associated with this cluster of illnesses. CDPH’s Food and Drug Branch (FDB) has also collected a number of samples from the marketplace, which are currently undergoing laboratory evaluation. FDB has also initiated an environmental investigation at the dairy, but since that investigation is ongoing, we cannot provide any specifics at this time.