We have been contacted by nearly one dozen people who believe that the have contracted hepatitis A. 

have filed one suit so far, but may file others as the facts warrant it.  Another hepatitis A case with a possible link to a Chipotle restaurant in La Mesa has been confirmed, bringing the number to twenty-two, the San Diego County Health and Human Services announced Friday. Health officials are still working to determine the source of the outbreak. Twenty-six employees at the Chipotle on Fletcher Parkway have been tested, and all have been negative for hepatitis A, according to the HHSA.

Assuming that those twenty-six are all the employees at the restaurant, it appears more likely that the hepatitis A came directly from a food item, like green onions or lettuce. See below links to prior produce-related hepatitis A outbreaks:

Green Onion



And for prior legal cases, see Marler Clark.