The milk crisis in China is exploding.  Now there are over 6,200 people ill and at least 4 deaths.  I’ll be landing in Beijing in a few hours (long distance ambulance chasing) and was struck by a quote from Chinese Starbucks customer Cathy Wang who called for the government to take the toughest action possible against those responsible.

"The criminals deserve to be sentenced to death and there should be a public trial.  They are more evil than murderers.  And the supervisory authorities, they should be punished harshly as well for neglecting their duty."

Another milk customer at a Beijing supermarket had a different point of view.  Cui Hongchun, expressed concern and fury over previously buying milk for his eight-year-old son from one of the suspect brands.

"I’m very worried about the milk we bought because it claimed to contain high levels of protein," he said. "I will sue them if the milk causes any problems for my boy.”

Interesting, perhaps we can import, not only food products from China, but also its criminal code?  Perhaps I can help with our balance of trade deficit with China by exporting a lawsuit or two?