This is an email I got today:

Dear Mr. Marler,

I should begin by saying I am not a victim of a foodborne illness. I am a Medical Technologist who has been very happily and proudly working for _______in ____________ for 11 years. The first time I heard you speak was at the 9th annual PulseNet meeting in Seattle in 2005. Before listening to your keynote address, I did not like you.

From 2001 until just recently, we were overwhelmed with the Salmonella cases in __ and along with our foodborne illness workload, we spent a lot of time on Marler Clark FOIAs. When I learned your firm would host a reception for the meeting attendees, I joked that, “I will eat and drink twice as much as I normally would as payment for all the work I have done for them.”

After your keynote address, I felt very differently about you and your firm and I have enjoyed hearing you speak a few times at our meetings.

I just finished reading “Poisoned” which was generously provided to participants at this year’s meeting in Atlanta. I wanted to let you know this book showed me what a truly remarkable, kind and caring individual you are.

I realize you may never see this message but I feel better for trying to let you know that you make a difference and this “PulseNut” appreciates you.



I deleted information that might identify the person who sent the email.