Screen shot 2010-10-05 at 9.33.54 AM.pngFrom the 3rd Australian Food Safety Conference in Melbourne:

Bill Marler, a US lawyer who acts for victims of food poisoning listed the revolting conditions in one of the two US factory farms that have recently poisoned 1,600 people with Salmonella. They included chicken manure so deep that rats built burrows in it. Half a billion eggs have had to be destroyed, which seems to undercut the claim these systems need to be expanded to feed the world. Marler said “If you sell a food product with your name on it is your responsibility.” He ended his presentation with a film showing the grief of a couple whose 7-year-old daughter died of an E. coli infection. It was an important reminder of what is at stake when food safety is taken lightly.

Not sure how the folks in New Zealand felt – yet.