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  • Pete Snyder

    Bill, don’t forget, if you get the job at USDA, you aren’t going to have much clout at FDA. You will be able to do something about the E coli on meat and poultry, but you aren’t going to be able to do much to the allowed salmonella contamination of meat and poultry. I think you can get more done in the next few years being the lawyer to put any bad operator out of business, vs being caged up in USDA where you can only effect meat and poultry, slowly. Pete Snyder

  • Bix

    I’ve thought the same as Pete.
    In the absence of legislation that would consolidate food safety, I’ll concede to seeing the benefit of having someone with Marler’s experience and desire-to-engage at USDA/FSIS. As I’ve read, even though the FDA controls about 80% of our food, the USDA has more relative budget than FDA for food safety and conducts more inspections. Maybe new protocol at FSIS could influence FDA?